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Michael F Boone donated $20 on 11/19/2019
by Anonymous donated $20 on 11/16/2019
JOHN H PETERSEN donated $250 on 10/29/2019
Keep up the great work!
Hayley Mullins' Memorial donated $300 on 10/28/2019
In memory of an adored superstar on and off the field.
Exum Ladejobi donated $150 on 10/14/2019
Michael B donated $90 on 8/22/2019
Sarah Bierenbaum donated $50 on 8/12/2019
Donation in honor of my favorite soccer playing brother's 40th birthday
Michael F Boone donated $150 on 7/22/2019
Rick Shain & Marcy Schwartz donated $50 on 7/18/2019
Honored to support your wonderful work. We are so impressed in how you are combining futbol and poetry. Truly beautiful!
Ashish Srivastava donated $10 on 6/27/2019
Simon L donated $1 on 6/13/2019
ATD Fury Players donated $130 on 4/26/2019
In honor of Coach Matt Arrington in memory Debra Baldwin Battista - Brandon, Chris, Davis, Hale, Kiyan, Micah, Noah, Zack and Matthew
Bob & Laura Foose donated $250 on 3/13/2019
by Anonymous donated $100 on 3/8/2019
Jeff Burnett donated $100 on 3/2/2019
Love what this organization is doing. Keep up the great work!
Brittany D donated $100 on 3/2/2019
Kevin Savage donated $25 on 3/2/2019
Simon E Landau donated $1 on 2/28/2019