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Tre Brashear donated $26.29 on 5/21/2020
Joseph Ferrara donated $52.23 on 5/13/2020
In lieu of a gift for Morgan Stanley advisor Robert O’Neil I would like to support local artists during this pandemic.
by Anonymous donated $52.23 on 5/8/2020
Thank you for supporting the soul of Omaha by supporting our artists. <3
by Anonymous donated $26.29 on 4/23/2020
by Anonymous donated $519.1 on 4/22/2020
Peggy Holloway donated $104.1 on 4/20/2020
I am donating my stimulus check to worthy causes to help those affected by Covid-19. Performance Artists are particularly affected.
Claire Hoff donated $21.1 on 3/29/2020
Denise & Hobson Powell donated $259.72 on 3/10/2020
Jeff S donated $52.23 on 10/19/2019
Dori S donated $5000 on 8/8/2019
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