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Ocular Melanoma Foundation

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OMF’s mission is to accelerate and enhance scientific research, advocacy, and awareness of ocular melanoma and to provide education and support to patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.

For patients and their loved ones, OMF aspires to be the top destination for up-to-date OM-related educational information, a meeting place, and advocacy resource. For doctors and researchers, OMF strives to be the connective tissue, facilitating interdisciplinary cancer research.

 The goal of OMF is to have there exist accessible and effective treatments for ocular melanoma and, one day, a cure.
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MARNIE D donated on 7/28/2021
Jamie O donated on 7/28/2021
Amanda K donated on 7/25/2021
Daniel H donated on 7/23/2021
Benjamin G donated on 7/22/2021
Kerri M donated on 7/15/2021
In memory of Christian Alec Brannan
Kimberly V donated on 7/9/2021
Jon W donated on 7/7/2021
Gregory W donated on 7/6/2021
Sharon S donated on 7/6/2021
With all wonderful Buffalo Gap Camp memories of Judye and with love, Sharon Seidel
Mary C donated on 6/29/2021
In loving memory of Raymond Roy. With much love and heartfelt sympathy, Sharyn, Becky & Mary
Dorianne L donated on 6/28/2021
This is a birthday gift to celebrate another year on the planet for my brother-in-law Alec, an ocular melanoma survivor. Alec, we love you.
Anthony P donated on 6/27/2021
Patrick R donated on 6/25/2021
Faron K donated on 6/23/2021
In memory of our friend Nina Collins, from her family at Coldwell Banker High Country Realty
Andrew S donated on 6/22/2021
This is in honor of Ron Richmond.
Jeff W donated on 6/21/2021
In memory of Ronald Richmond. May he rest in peace. ARMSRx
Laura G donated on 6/17/2021
Tom and Angie R donated on 6/17/2021
In loving memory of Ron. Sending our love and prayers to Teresa and Family. May Ron's wonderful memory be eternal. Love, Tom and Angie
Steven U donated on 6/17/2021
Michael O donated on 6/16/2021
Cecilia H donated on 6/15/2021
In loving memory of Ronald A. Richmond from Cecilia Herdegen Family and Isabelle Kowalski
Aaron H donated on 6/15/2021
Chubb Schaumburg would like to make this donation in honor of Ronald A Richmond.
Carol A donated on 6/15/2021
Kasi O donated on 6/15/2021