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OMF’s mission is to accelerate and enhance scientific research, advocacy, and awareness of ocular melanoma and to provide education and support to patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.

For patients and their loved ones, OMF aspires to be the top destination for up-to-date OM-related educational information, a meeting place, and advocacy resource. For doctors and researchers, OMF strives to be the connective tissue, facilitating interdisciplinary cancer research.

 The goal of OMF is to have there exist accessible and effective treatments for ocular melanoma and, one day, a cure.
   Recent Activity
Ernest L on 5/29/2020
Memorial for Carol Bagwell from YMCA StaffCharlotte Ave, Rock Hill, SC
Jill F on 5/27/2020
Ginger A on 5/24/2020
In Loving Memory of Carol Ann Bagwell for help in finding a cure for this cancer.
Monika R on 5/23/2020
Mel W on 4/13/2020
Laura J on 4/10/2020
Thomas C on 4/9/2020
gerard l on 4/6/2020
Mary W on 4/2/2020
Jill F on 3/30/2020
Candy L on 3/30/2020
Frankie M on 3/30/2020
Stephen C on 3/30/2020
Stephen & Annette Caulder
Phillip H on 3/29/2020
Rebecca L on 3/27/2020
Congratulations Carol on your success with the walk!
John F on 3/26/2020
Beat this Disease
Susan M on 3/26/2020
Tamela C on 3/25/2020
Terry K on 3/17/2020
Darlene M on 3/14/2020
For Carol Bagwell from Moore family
Ann H on 3/11/2020
I’m happy to support this cause. It is my hope that one day there was be cures for every form of cancer.
Sheryl M on 2/29/2020
Arthur N on 2/8/2020
Richard T on 2/6/2020
Philip S on 1/16/2020
On behalf of Bucky LaCasse