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W-Addie's Bat Mitzvah

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OMF’s mission is to accelerate and enhance scientific research, advocacy, and awareness of ocular melanoma and to provide education and support to patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.

For patients and their loved ones, OMF aspires to be the top destination for up-to-date OM-related educational information, a meeting place, and advocacy resource. For doctors and researchers, OMF strives to be the connective tissue, facilitating interdisciplinary cancer research.

 The goal of OMF is to have there exist accessible and effective treatments for ocular melanoma and, one day, a cure.
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Wilensky W donated on 8/31/2020
lisa g donated on 8/27/2020
With our heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. Hold on to all the wonderful memories. We are so sorry for your loss. Zale Sunshine
Marcia W donated on 6/20/2020
You are an extraordinary young lady.
Julie S donated on 6/20/2020
Dara M donated on 6/19/2020
Miriam C donated on 6/19/2020
Congratulations for a Mitzvah beyond words.
Sheila G donated on 6/18/2020
Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah. Tell ur
Susan W donated on 6/18/2020
Paul W donated on 6/17/2020
This is a wonderful project for a great cause - we love you! Aunt Michele, Uncle Paul, Cousin Jason, and Cousin Josh
charlotte K donated on 6/16/2020
I think your project is wonderful and as an OM survivor myself wish much success in gathering donations for this worthy cause!
Miriam C donated on 6/7/2020
Congratulations on all you are doing to become such a special young lady. Miriam