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OMF’s mission is to accelerate and enhance scientific research, advocacy, and awareness of ocular melanoma and to provide education and support to patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.

For patients and their loved ones, OMF aspires to be the top destination for up-to-date OM-related educational information, a meeting place, and advocacy resource. For doctors and researchers, OMF strives to be the connective tissue, facilitating interdisciplinary cancer research.

The goal of OMF is to have there exist accessible and effective treatments for ocular melanoma and, one day, a cure.
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Kay S donated on 11/27/2021
Annette D donated on 10/14/2021
Cheryl B donated on 5/23/2021
I was diagnosed in April 2021, get your eyes dilated!
David S donated on 5/12/2021
Robin C donated on 5/11/2021
Katie P donated on 5/10/2021
Laurie M donated on 5/6/2021
Michelle R donated on 5/6/2021
1 year out from diagnosis and plaque therapy.
Clinton J donated on 5/5/2021
AnneMarieI B donated on 5/4/2021
Corinne W donated on 5/3/2021
My husband was diagnosed with ocular melanoma in March of 2019. His eyesight continues to get worse, but so far he remains cancer free!
Bryce P donated on 5/1/2021
For my wife fighting the good fight, hopefully after the medical bills I can donate more!
Brenna D donated on 5/1/2021
Shirley K donated on 4/29/2021
Laura donated on 4/26/2021
Teresa P donated on 4/24/2021
Kim V donated on 4/24/2021
Thomas H donated on 4/23/2021
Billie D donated on 4/20/2021
Kimberly V donated on 4/16/2021
Kimberly V donated on 4/16/2021
I was recently diagnosed (March 2021) and just under went radiation plaque placement to shrink my tumor.
Abigale H donated on 4/10/2021
In loving memory of my determined, strong, and beautiful mama, Beth.
Charlene A donated on 4/10/2021
Susie S donated on 4/9/2021
Dawn N donated on 4/9/2021