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Champion Donation 2019-2020 School Year

The Champion Program is NYOS Charter School’s annual fundraising campaign. Donations to this
campaign sustain our school’s commitment to small class sizes, hands-on learning experiences, and
increased resources for our students and teachers.
   Recent Activity
April W donated $50 on 11/8/2019
Board Donation for KLE 4x Matching Funds
Ruth Stapleton, Johns donated $10 on 11/5/2019
Celeste Sylvana / Dorothy Zeitler donated $100 on 11/1/2019
Donation to the NYOS Theater program Donation made in the name of GiveGab, Inc.
Will Taylor-Burton donated $50 on 10/24/2019
Regular monthly donation, starting in October.
Will Taylor-Burton donated $150 on 10/24/2019
This is a makeup donation for the first three months of the school year, forgot to set up the monthly auto payment.
Harlow Hutton -Mr. Hardy donated $20 on 9/4/2019
Rita L donated $30 on 9/4/2019
Lila Jones Ms. Hernandez. Kylie Turner Mr. McPhee donated $10 on 9/4/2019
Jackson Brownlee (Fulks7) donated $15 on 8/22/2019
Kloee Tran - Middle School Volleyball Team donated $250 on 8/9/2019
this donation will go to Coach Maria's Middle School Volleyball Team for new jerseys
Micah Beasley (10th) and Vaughn Beasley (7th) donated $10 on 8/5/2019
Milo Embry-Janes donated $100 on 7/30/2019
Rex Venza - Ms. Vital donated $50 on 7/30/2019
Ivy 9th Grade and Sterling 6th Grade donated $50 on 7/28/2019
Kian & Hope Childs donated $100 on 7/28/2019
Kloee Tran - Mr. Omelchuck donated $100 on 7/26/2019
Emma Warren/Landman 7th Grade donated $100 on 7/24/2019
We love NYOS! :)