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North Charleston Pops

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Nancy Kahn donated $25 on 4/30/2020
Michael K donated $100 on 2/5/2020
Art and Marybeth Sgambelluri donated $250 on 2/3/2020
The Urban Electric Company donated $500 on 1/22/2020
Instrument Sponsor - Adopt-A-KidZ
Kathy Ward donated $100 on 12/30/2019
Donation is in honor of Frank Del Vecchio and Joe Bosoty
Sammie & Marcie Douan donated $50 on 12/10/2019
Pop's is greart entrtainment and we have enjoyed the POP'S concerts for many years now.
Marilyn and Neal Gordon donated $100 on 12/8/2019
Judy and Terry Fox donated $500 on 12/7/2019
Mary J. Thomas donated $50 on 12/3/2019
Dean & Laurie Hubbs donated $1550 on 8/26/2019
Sonitrol Security Systems donated $100 on 8/16/2019
Ronald Kahn donated $10 on 3/16/2019
Kathy Ward donated $100 on 12/28/2018
I was Blessed by growing up with a father who was a Professional Pianist. This is the way I can honor his memory.
Nancy and Kenny Tassin donated $50 on 11/28/2018
Sammie and Marcie Douan donated $50 on 11/27/2018
We have enjoyed the great talent and music of the North Charleston POPS.
Tim and Kate Kiel donated $50 on 11/27/2018
Kurt & Cheryl Gebauer donated $100 on 11/27/2018
Robert Dunkle donated $100 on 11/27/2018
by Anonymous donated $20 on 11/26/2018
Elizabeth Witman donated $50 on 10/6/2018
A. Elliott Huger Barrow, Jr. donated $75 on 5/15/2018
Summer Camp
Karen Izzi donated $100 on 9/20/2017
I'm proud to be on this POPS! board!
Sammie & Marcie Douan donated $100 on 9/19/2017
We believe the North Charleston POPS is the greatest organization to come to North Charleston. Keep up the good work!