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Nordic Museum Capital Campaign

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Lena A donated $1000 on 7/5/2019
In Honor of Sven and Karla Lassen
Diane Shaw donated $1000 on 7/2/2019
In Memory of Saima (Tarkanen) Swan
Gretchen and Don Campbell4313 donated $1000 on 5/17/2019
Balto - Biti - Steberg Families
Kirsten Østensen (Gracey) donated $1000 on 5/14/2019
Dedicated to my brave, compassionate, beautiful mother who came to Seattle from Oslo. Thank you for passing on your pride to me. Glad i deg.
Norm Tjaden donated $1000 on 5/13/2019
Svein A & Sherri L Langaker donated $1000 on 5/12/2019
Jenny Iverson donated $2 on 3/5/2019
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