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Nordic Museum Annual Fund

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Donald Pogoloff donated $100 on 6/29/2019
Remind me when my annual donation comes due -- I may increase it.
Vaughn Hagen CPA donated $50 on 5/8/2019
Nicholas donated $20 on 4/30/2019
Craig and Lisa Schafer donated $5000 on 4/28/2019
Darcie Thach donated $40 on 4/26/2019
Tom Tamada donated $120 on 4/16/2019
SUSAN HINSHAW donated $75 on 4/15/2019
In memory of Alan Osberg, who changed so many lives, including mine.
Jonas and Anna M. Barklund donated $100 on 4/13/2019
by Anonymous donated $100 on 4/9/2019
In memory and appreciation of Mr. Allan Osberg, for all he has done to support the Nordic Museum and so many other regional institutions.
Judy Olson Rikansrud donated $250 on 4/2/2019
In Memory Of Allan Osberg
Kathi Ploeger and Don Meyers donated $250 on 4/1/2019
Mari-Ann Kind Jackson donated $100 on 3/27/2019
In memory of Dolly Kenney. Please send acknowledgement to Kathleen Stamm, 606 NW 132nd St, Seattle WA 98177
Sonja L. Haugen donated $100 on 3/26/2019
Scandinavian Cultural Center donated $250 on 3/18/2019
This is made in memory of Consul Kim Nesselquist by the Scandinavian Cultural Center Council at Pacific Lutheran University.
Jan and Martin Rood donated $1000 on 3/12/2019
Add to our $10,000 pledge.