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Did You Know That 80% of Students Stop Practicing the Faith While Away at College?

We are going to change this! 

Campus Ministers tell us that identifying Catholics on campus is the most challenging part of their job.  They post up on corners of the university and try to provide some sort of outreach to those students walking by.  They have no idea who is Catholic and no idea if that student is even interested.  There is a better way.

We as a Catholic Church have the infrastructure in place to keep our students connected to the faith, we just have to connect the dots.  That's what we are doing at Newman Connection.  We have created a massive referral system where gradauting high school seniors can be connected to the campus minister at their chosen college.

We are currently working in over 600 Catholic high schools and over 550 parishes nationwide.  Over the past two years we have connected almost 150,000 students to campus ministry.  While great, this is only a fraction of where we need to be.

This is where you come in.

We need your help.  Please consider a donation to Newman Connection today.  Help us expand this program into more Catholic high schools and parishes nationwide.


“Participating in Newman Connection’s High School Outreach Program is one of the most important things I can do for my senior students.”


Michelle Johnson, Campus Minister

Trinity Catholic HS, St. Louis, MO

The Commitment

$5 a month.  Thats all we are asking.  It's the price of one coffee at Starbucks.  You give us $5/mo.... we will knock your socks off.  Give us a chance.  Give our students a chance to grow in their faith while away at college. 

Please join our high five campaign and help us change the course of our Church and its people, forever!

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