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Newfound Lake Region Association

Newfound Lake is located in the Lakes Region of central New Hampshire. Surrounded by the beauty of woods, water and mountains, the towns of Bristol, Alexandria, Hebron and Bridgewater, NH serve folks who live and vacation in the Newfound area. The mission of the Newfound Lakes Region Association is to protect Newfound Lake and its watershed. Through education, programs and collaboration, the Association promotes conservation and preservation of the region's natural, social and economic resources. We strive to be an integral and useful part of our watershed community. Come explore Newfound Lake!


Whether it’s your first view of the lake ever, or just the first time today, Newfound Lake is lovely from all angles, and the more you see it and know, the better that view makes you feel.

At once you know that the lake is both powerful and fragile. A force to be respected and a treasure to be curated. Home to the purest fresh water in New Hampshire, Newfound Lake challenges everyone from sailors and paddlers to fishing enthusiasts and triathletes. Yet today we know that this pure water, home to the fish, refreshing when we swim and crystal clear across the boat’s bow cannot be taken for granted. We enjoy Newfound Lake because others have kept it this way for us; we continue and build on their commitment, and we hope you will join us.

Public Service

We have many programs that provide direct benefits to the Lake and surrounding community.

  • Lake Hosts – Provide courtesy inspections and outreach to prevent invasive plant species (e.g., milfoil) from entering the lake. Our volunteers have repeatedly “saved” the lake from introduction of these species.
  • Weed Watchers – Monitor native and non-native plant species to track near-shore lake health.
  • Lake Monitors – Monitor eight sample sites on the lake in partnership with the University of New Hampshire.
  • Tributary Monitors – Monitor 35 stream locations in 8 subwatersheds of the lake in partnership with the University of New Hampshire.


Education is part of our mission because with an informed watershed community we can accomplish so much more.

  • Scientific on-site training of local students, campers and the general public.
  • Classroom and field instruction by NLRA staff.
  • Workshops and events concerning the many resources Newfound has to offer.

Community Outreach

We continue to work with town boards, nonprofits and other organizations to develop strategic partnerships. We try to be the voice of the watershed. The community should lead us in the direction they feel best benefits our watershed.

The Newfound Lake Region Association’s mission is to protect Newfound Lake and its watershed. The Association – through education, programs and collaboration – promotes conservation and preservation of the region’s natural, social and economic resources. Click here to learn more about what we do. Membership in the Newfound Lake Region Association includes:

  • Subscription to The Monitor (you can choose mail and/or electronic delivery)
  • First notification of special events and volunteer opportunities
  • EcoTour member discount – $5 off $20 Adult ticket
  • Peace of mind for contributing to the only organization working full time to protect the Newfound watershed