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Love In Our Community: DVAM 2021

The driving force for our planned posts, activities, and events for this month is love in our community. We recognize that systems of power, privilege, and violence create the environment for gender-based violence to thrive. But love in all of its many forms (care, service, activism, education, outreach, and much more) in our New Beginnings community can counteract and dismantle these systems. When you invest in New Beginnings, you invest in programs that counter control and power with knowledge and love. This month, we have a challenge match of $10,000. That means that if we raise $10,000, we get that *doubled* for our New Beginnings community. Help us reach this goal by giving today! 
   Recent Activity
John Fenker donated $30 on 11/1/2021
by Anonymous donated $20 on 10/29/2021
I am your mother, I care so deeply for you and hope one day you will find help to free yourself here.
Brenda B donated $250 on 10/29/2021
Jammie B donated $500 on 10/29/2021
Connie Sharp donated $25 on 10/29/2021
Tina Eide donated $250 on 10/29/2021
Teresa M Williamson RN, Postpartum nurse donated $500 on 10/27/2021
Thank you for all you are doing for women and children in our community! We need you! with love, Terry and Jeff
Evelyn Lemoine donated $200 on 10/23/2021
So proud to support New Beginnings for all the good work it does in our community!
John Fenker donated $100 on 10/22/2021
by Anonymous donated $100 on 10/22/2021
by Anonymous donated $25 on 10/22/2021
Margaret Wetherald donated $250 on 10/22/2021
Joline donated $25 on 10/22/2021
Jeanne Sickel donated $250 on 10/22/2021
by Anonymous donated $1000 on 10/18/2021
Julie Y donated $50 on 10/16/2021
Katherine Schomer & Jeremy Robinson donated $1000 on 10/15/2021
Edie Loyer Nelson donated $25 on 10/15/2021
Thank you for your years of support in the community.
by Anonymous donated $1500 on 10/9/2021
Mariann Carle donated $250 on 10/9/2021
THANK YOU New Beginnings !!from Anna and Mariann
Pjjenson donated $100 on 10/8/2021
May all your grade work continue
Donna Benaroya donated $250 on 10/8/2021
Doris D. Ray donated $500 on 10/8/2021