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I, middle aged white Dad, Keith Ferrante, descendent/member of both Blackfeet and Choctaw Nations, asking you to stand with me to support #Landback. I disowned my, allotted colonial land back to my tribe & BIA: Treaty/restricted & rez lands are colonial measures to deceive, undermine and suppress native persons and our heritage. Our rights as native citizens have been undermined by treaties; RECOGNIZE ALL natives persons and lands equitably and equally. 

On July 3rd, 2020, 21 Land Defenders were arrested while making a stand at Mount Rushmore. As Trump prepared to spread and uphold white supremacy in the Black Hills, we made a stand to protect our lands and to say no trespassing on our sacred Ȟesápa. We also demanded Mount Rushmore be closed and ALL public lands in the Black Hills returned to its original stewards.

Inspired by the stand we took that day, NDN Collective announced the development of the LANDBACK campaign in August, a mutli-faceted campaign to get Indigenous lands back into Indigenous hands, and empower Indigenous people across Turtle Island with the tools and strategies to do LANDBACK work in their own communities. 

The LANDBACK Campaign will officially launch on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, October 12, 2020.