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Thank you for visiting our family giving page in honor of Richie and My Possibilities. The campaign by My Possibilities to build a university campus for disabled adults is a very ambitious undertaking and the first of its kind that we have knowledge of. There is great need but little to no state or federal funding available for this type of undertaking. Therefore, My Possibilities has begun a privately funded effort to provide the best opportunity for our intellectually and developmentally disabled adults.

When we considered relocating to Texas it was dependent on finding the proper environment for Richie’s future. That environment is My Possibilities, an organization that provides opportunities for our hugely important people to discover their talents and grow to their fullest potential by providing continuing education, job skills, and needed therapies all toward a goal of becoming productive adults in society. There is a huge need in this state and elsewhere for facilities that can assist our disabled population in becoming the best that they can be.

We are extremely proud of Richie for all that he has been able to accomplish throughout his life. He earned his high school diploma and became an Eagle Scout. He continues to pursue his art and participates in all types of Special Olympics events. He has truly been blessed to have so many people assist him along the way and give him the opportunity to grow and accomplish so much.

However, there are many more individuals out there like Richie, who need an opportunity for a bright and contributing future. Therefore, along with the Mewbourne family investment, we are asking that you consider making a contribution to My Possibilities’ capital campaign, in Richie’s honor, to assist in their endeavor to serve so many more of our disabled adults in the future.

Your consideration and contribution are greatly appreciated by the Mewbourne family.