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by Anonymous donated $200 on 7/19/2017
(Not public) an additional $5 per day (57 days)
Louis, Claudia, Jake, Diane, Denise donated $160 on 6/18/2017
Love to Samantha George
Alkali Insurance donated $500 on 6/14/2017
We are so proud of the MP Team and honored to be a part of the continued growth and success of the organization. Grow big!
Jacqueline Bradley donated $100 on 6/14/2017
In memory of Samantha George
Kara & Ken Masters donated $250 on 6/11/2017
In honor of Samantha George.
Kim & Bruce Widlund donated $50 on 5/30/2017
I Loving Memory of Samantha George
Duchene Family donated $30 on 5/29/2017
In memory of Samantha George.
the Remmers Family donated $1 on 5/29/2017
In memory of Samantha George
Makayla neal donated $5 on 5/27/2017
Sam was my first love. She supported this and my life is now dedicated to being the person sam always knew I had the potential to be.
Parkway Grand Prairie Team donated $50 on 5/26/2017
My Condolences: Sam, Amy Owen and Van
Taimur Sheikh donated $100 on 5/26/2017
In your memory
Bill and Bonnie Meeder donated $50 on 5/24/2017
Wishing comfort and peace for all who knew and loved Samantha.
Misty Harper donated $100 on 5/24/2017
For Sammy
Chris D donated $15 on 5/24/2017
for Sam.
by Anonymous donated $500 on 5/15/2017
Thank you for all you do.
Michael Thomas donated $10 on 5/12/2017
by Anonymous donated $150 on 5/8/2017
Michael Thomas donated $10 on 5/5/2017
For coffee cart
Diane Strickling donated $50 on 5/3/2017
What a great place.
Amanda & Chaim Pollak donated $20 on 4/27/2017
Wish we could make it to the Gala! Thanks for all that you do for the HIPsters!
Eric and Karen Shaw donated $200 on 3/23/2017
Went to the dinner last night and was blown away by the people and the genosity.
Loving Sister donated $50 on 3/21/2017
Remember the beautiful smile of this angel on earth. She is now an angel in heaven.