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United As One

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With the suspension of 2020 football season, the Department of
Athletics will miss out on significant revenue which impacts the entire
Department. To ensure that we continue to provide the best athletic
experience for our student-athletes, the Department of Athletics is
launching the #UnitedAsOne Giving Campaign, which will kick-off
with the 2020 Virtual Homecoming Rice-Totten Stadium Sellout.
We all (faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends) can support
this effort by investing what would have been spent on the 2020
Homecoming festivities into the Department of Athletics. We
have 10,000 virtual seats and our goal is to sell out. The seats are
$100 each, and you can purchase as many as you’d like. The goal
for this phase of the campaign is to raise $1,000,000 between
now and October 17, 2020.
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Barnett Birch donated $100 on 1/7/2021
Dennis Quinn donated $100 on 12/15/2020
Donald Williams donated $200 on 12/11/2020
Dr. Cherae M. Farmer donated $500 on 11/3/2020
Love my Delta Devils and MVSU!!
Alvin Patton donated $100 on 10/28/2020
Sammie M donated $100 on 10/26/2020
Anthony J. Brownlow donated $100 on 10/26/2020
Henry J. McAdory donated $300 on 10/24/2020
Althea N Spruill donated $100 on 10/24/2020
Margaret P Holland donated $100 on 10/24/2020
Sonya Glasgow donated $50 on 10/23/2020
Carolyn R F donated $50 on 10/22/2020
Arnetha Johnson donated $100 on 10/22/2020
Thelma Brooks-Geeter donated $100 on 10/22/2020
I really missed my Dear Old MVSU this year!! I will ALWAYS love you!!❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚
Lori A Weathers donated $200 on 10/22/2020
Go VALLEY! Cannot wait to make the games again!!
Benard Simelton donated $100 on 10/22/2020
It's Valley Time!
Ja'Mes D. Johnson donated $10 on 10/22/2020
As a proud graduate from MVSU, I always like to help when I can. Love Fried Chicken? Try @Jayjaysfriedchicken Valley Alum receive 10% off!
Emmett M donated $100 on 10/22/2020
I Love THE VALLEY and may it stay strong during these unprecedented and unpredictable times.
Aquepheania Coleman donated $100 on 10/22/2020
Margaret W. Clark donated $700 on 10/20/2020
Dr. Curressia M. Brown donated $100 on 10/20/2020
Donald Erves donated $100 on 10/18/2020
Larry Erves donated $100 on 10/18/2020
Floyd J Moore donated $10 on 10/17/2020
Luster Gooden donated $500 on 10/17/2020