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Our vision is to make improvements to our pavilion that will make it safer for our students, and to improve the beautification resulting in our campus being more appealing to our MVSU family and visitors.

We look to make our campus a safe environment for our students and visitors. Currently there is electrical wiring at the pavilion, but due to the low wattage lighting it presents a potential hazard to our students as the lights are non-existent at night.The electrical upgrading to this area is critical to everything we do on the pavilion as it is the center of entertainment for MVSU. It would also be helpful to put a junction box in the center, and for the summer we have goals to have an industrial sized fan to assist with the Delta heat. The cost of this equipment would be an estimated $11,000. 

Preserving the beauty of our campus is important to us at MVSU, we look to make cosmetic improvements such as restoring chipped concrete underneath our pavilion benches, along with drainage issues in which we can improve to reserve the beautification of our pavilion area in the winter. This improvement could range up to $50,000. With the help and support of our Alumni base, Foundations, Students, and Friends of MVSU we can succeed in our goals.

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