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Graces Race lights the night and The Dam Cancer 5k Run Series

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In December of 2010, Grace began to complain that her right foot was going numb a few times a day lasting for about a minute each time. This was accompanied by a weakness and eventual inability to lift her ankle in a normal walking stride. She went to Children’s Hospital Colorado thinking she had pinched a nerve. Instead, doctors discovered that Grace had a malignant brain tumor in the motor cortex of her brain affecting her right foot. Treatment began with brain and spinal radiation in combination with carboplatinum chemotherapy each weekday for 30 days.  Grace then endured two different chemotherapy treatments, weekly, over the next year.  Thanks to Dr. Nick Foreman’s research funded by The Morgan Adams Foundation, this treatment was successful and Grace is now a normal thirteen year old.  She loves swimming freestyle and butterfly, rock climbing, horseback riding, and hanging out with her friends. 

In June 2013, Grace and Girl Scout Troop 62540 presented a check for $44,000 from Grace's Race and The Morgan Adams Foundation to Dr. Nick Foreman and his research at Children's Hospital Colorado. This money will fund pediatric brain cancer research. Because Grace's Race was so successful, Grace has decided to make this an annual event! There are still many kids suffering with cancer, and Grace has decided to make it her goal to raise money and help those kids beat their cancer too!  

The Morgan Adams Foundation funded the research which used gene chipping to look at the DNA of the tumor to see which treatment would work best for Grace’s cancer. 

This is a great event for the whole family. Grace’s Race will take place at Cherry Creek High School on May 2, 2015. Grace’s Race will be a 5K run/walk, great for runners and families too. All participants will receive a Grace’s Race t-shirt. Water and bagels are complimentary for everyone.