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Magic Circle Players Building Toward Our Future

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Magic Circle Players "Building Toward Our Future" 
After 62 years, we present our new renovation plans 
and ask for your support.

Magic Circle Players has a dream to create a theatre that invites
everyone to come inside and experience the 
magic that is our community theatre!

Our exterior plan mirrors the nostalgia of traditional theatre architecture. Additional windows give a glimpse of a welcoming interior that reflects a rich history of quality live theatre in Montose Colorado. An outdoor seating area creates a welcoming space that fosters community. 

This much needed renovation will:

  •   Promote Community
  •   Invite Growth and Expansion
  •   Be an Investment to Secure a Successful Future
  •   Support our Mission to Entertain and and Engage our Community
  •   Continue our 62 Year Tradition of Quality Live Theatre

We've imagined a well-appointed, thoughtfully designed interior that caters to the needs of our patrons, providing upgraded and expanded men's and women's restrooms. A larger, more efficient concessions area with an extended bar counter enables guests to enjoy intermission libations.

Seating Booths reminiscent of a classic theatre venue adds to the charm and whimsy. Additional seating both inside and outside allows guests to linger and socialize. We plan to add a streaming audio visual presentation, archiving our more than six decade history.


We hope that will help us Build Toward Our Future together-
Please fund the future of our local community theatre! 

To discuss other kinds of donations that you are considering, please call the Montrose Community Foundation at 
970-249-3900. In addition to donations of cash, checks or credit card, we can also accept gifts of:
  • appreciated stocks
  • mutual funds
  • vehicles of all kinds (anything with wheels and a motor, working or not).

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