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The Joen Bettmann Fund

To further the impact Joen has had on Montessori education, this newly established fund will support those in the AMI Training of Trainers programme with grants to support their areas of greatest need. The purpose is to focus on the individual and provide holistic support to ensure they can focus on their training and future impact on teachers, and through them, students in Montessori environments.

By making a contribution to this fund, you help us grow the size of the fund and expand the level of support we can provide long into the future through grants to qualified applicants. Thank you for helping us sustain and celebrate Joen Bettmann's work with and impact on Primary (3-6) Montessori education.
   Recent Activity
Steve and Susan Wilson donated on 4/11/2021
by Anonymous donated on 4/9/2021
michelle becka donated on 4/9/2021
With love in my heart, in memory of Joen, and for all the future trainers!
Laurence S donated on 4/8/2021
Chelsea Daniel donated on 4/8/2021
In honor of my trainer Joen. She taught me so much and guided me to become who I am today.
Sarah Blumenstock donated on 4/6/2021
With great admiration!
EAP Goddess donated on 4/6/2021
Joan & Larry Webb donated on 4/5/2021
What an honor to help future educators while remembering our incredible cousin Joen❤️
Jan & George Krasilovsky donated on 4/5/2021
All of our love and appreciation for Joen's dedication and work.
Kim Kleiber donated on 4/5/2021
Latimer Eleanor donated on 4/3/2021
Dan mottern donated on 4/3/2021
The Stephanchicks donated on 4/3/2021
Patricia Doyle-Proctor donated on 4/2/2021
I'm glad to help this profoundly impactful work assist more students.
Brinn Ilyce donated on 4/2/2021
So happy to be able to support this amazing initiative and honor the fierce, funny, and fabulous Joen at the same time.
Daniel Foster donated on 4/1/2021
Bless you Joen! You were a GREAT addition to life on Ormond St SE... as I imagine you were to your Montessori associates. RIP
Tara Wooldridge donated on 1/11/2021