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The Joen Bettmann Fund

To further the impact Joen has had on Montessori education, this newly established fund will support those in the AMI Training of Trainers programme with grants to support their areas of greatest need. The purpose is to focus on the individual and provide holistic support to ensure they can focus on their training and future impact on teachers, and through them, students in Montessori environments.

By making a contribution to this fund, you help us grow the size of the fund and expand the level of support we can provide long into the future through grants to qualified applicants. Thank you for helping us sustain and celebrate Joen Bettmann's work with and impact on Primary (3-6) Montessori education.
   Recent Activity
Cheryl Geisler & Nancy Warman donated on 5/24/2020
Wish we had the opportunity to meet Joen. Our hearts break for those she left behind, especially her beloved husband Art.
Stephanie Taylor Warner donated on 5/24/2020
Megan Gatewood donated on 5/23/2020
Ann Sperling donated on 5/23/2020
Joen inspired many, including me , her cousin. I had the privilege of witnessing her gift in the classroom. She truly loved Montessori.
Julie Fishman donated on 5/14/2020
Art K donated on 5/13/2020
Discovery Montessori of Georgia donated on 5/13/2020
Art K donated on 5/11/2020
Ken & Bonita Rubin donated on 5/11/2020
Gordon Maas & Maureen Harrington donated on 5/10/2020
It is with heavy hearts we make this donation in memory of Joen. What a courageous battle she fought. Her legacy lives on.
Doug & Thuy Joseph donated on 5/9/2020
Baiba Grazzini donated on 5/8/2020
For Joen, With great respect and memories, Baiba
Judy Alexander & Bruce Chalmer donated on 5/8/2020
May Joen's memory be a blessing
Bill Witherspoon donated on 5/7/2020
So sorry for your loss, Art and all of Joen's friends. She will be so missed.
Souers family donated on 5/7/2020
Honoring our dear Joen, who was a part of our family, school and community. We will miss her sooooooooo much.
Uma Ramani donated on 5/7/2020
May your spirit continue to infuse our work Joen!
by Anonymous donated on 5/7/2020
Robert Schwartz donated on 5/7/2020
by Anonymous donated on 5/6/2020
Joan Peifer donated on 5/5/2020
Joen added meaning and depth to my life as well as many others. She will be remembered and loved.
M Shannon Helfrich donated on 5/5/2020