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Literacy Minnesota

Literacy Minnesota's mission is to share the power of learning through education, community building and advocacy.
Our History

We started in a Roseville church basement in 1972. A group of women realized if one person taught someone to read, and that person taught someone to read, they could create a movement. They knew early on that literacy is critical to growth and self-sufficiency and planted the seed for reading programs and statewide volunteer training.


Our team serves Minnesotans of all ages — from 3-year-olds mastering their ABCs to grandparents determined to get their GED. We are able to reach nearly 90,000 children and adults each year thanks in great part to the more than 2,000 volunteers and 115 national service members we train annually.

Our literacy-rich preschool and summer reading programs start Minnesota’s youngest readers off on the right foot. Free English, GED preparation and job-readiness classes prepare adults for post-secondary education and careers. Support in program best practices, educational technology, volunteer training and national service hosting strengthens hundreds of literacy programs across Minnesota.


 The definition of literacy is ever-changing, and we take pride in anticipating shifts in community needs. Our work is always evolving so we're prepared to give everyone the best opportunity to be successful students, workers, family members and citizens. When literacy learners gain the tools to build fuller lives, all Minnesotans reap the benefits.