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Echo Eddie's Bat Cave

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Home to one of Wisconsin’s top five largest hibernating bat populations, Kickapoo Indian Caverns is one of the most spectacular caves in the Midwest.
This unique 83-acre property is located west of Wauzeka, in Crawford County. The land hosts native remnant prairie, limestone cliffs, plus oak and hickory forest, all located within the boundary of the Lower Kickapoo River.
This cave has one of the longest natural cavern systems in the state.  It has a stunning limestone chamber system that includes an underground river, numerous cathedral-like rooms, beautifully colored ribbon stalactites, and most importantly, provides hibernacula for the federally threatened, northern long-eared bat, and state threatened, little brown bat and eastern pipistrelle.
Kickapoo Indian Caverns is also considered one of the biggest show caves in the Midwest. For that reason it is a very desirable property for anyone looking to reopen it for commercial caving tours and the potential to destroy the already threatened bat populations that depend on the cave for winter hibernation.
I am asking you to become Echo Eddie’s hero by making a donation to help Mississippi Valley Conservancy purchase and protect Kickapoo Indian Caverns.
We have applied for funding from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, as well as several foundations to help save Echo Eddie’s home.
But we will need your help! We still need to raise over $100,000 to save the cave.
I know that sounds like a lot, but your donation of $50, $100 or any amount you are able to give will be a big help.  Together we can save Eddie’s home! 
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I've always remembered the experience of visiting as a child. I'm thrilled to help open it again and preserve it. Thank you!!
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