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Toni B donated $35 on 7/12/2019
Appazeller Family donated $77.25 on 7/6/2019
by Anonymous donated $103 on 7/4/2019
David Rosenberg and Sandy Byrne donated $100 on 7/3/2019
Jay Miller donated $200 on 7/1/2019
John F. Jansen donated $51.5 on 6/29/2019
Thank you for your efforts in cleaning the parks. I have to work at that time, so please accept this donation in lieu of me being there.
Milwaukee Yoga Events donated $154.5 on 6/27/2019
Thanks you for all you do for our waterways! So excited to have you as our non-profit partner for Yoga at Miller Caves!
Christine M White donated $20 on 6/24/2019
Enid Gruszka donated $30 on 6/24/2019
Stan and Danna Nesler donated $60 on 6/24/2019
Andrea donated $36.05 on 6/5/2019
Happy Birthday Luke!
Herb Oechler donated $250 on 6/4/2019
John and Jean Schindler donated $257.5 on 6/2/2019
Paul Thompson donated $20.6 on 5/28/2019