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Amy Rosenthal donated $1000 on 9/16/2020
Vicki Oshier McKenna donated $500 on 9/11/2020
Kathryn L Nelson donated $500 on 9/6/2020
Empowerment is progress.
Katherine Campbell Perry donated $100 on 8/30/2020
I have appreciation and gratitude for all you have done for our community. Don’t ever forget the gifts you have brought to all of us.
Craig MacLeod donated $1000 on 8/25/2020
Emily M donated $25 on 8/13/2020
John D Becker donated $110 on 8/11/2020
by Anonymous donated $36 on 7/27/2020
Nan Langevin donated $25 on 7/21/2020
Ryan Companies donated $2500 on 7/20/2020
Thank you for everything your organization does for those in need!
James A. Howard donated $500 on 7/17/2020
Jenny P. donated $100 on 7/16/2020
by Anonymous donated $50 on 7/13/2020
william silkett donated $50 on 7/11/2020
by Anonymous donated $1000 on 7/9/2020
Dr. Al annd Sue Zelickson donated $200 on 7/8/2020
Stephen Snyder donated $500 on 7/6/2020
Let's give people the resources they need to lift themselves up by the bootstraps instead of just mouthing this common expression.
Joe Nathan donated $50 on 7/6/2020
Thanks to Don Samuels and the courageous people with whom he works.