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The Hoffmans & Blowmans donated $0 on 12/4/2021
AVY22 donated $0 on 12/4/2021
Robert Karl donated $0 on 12/3/2021
In honor of Gail Eileen Hamelink
Joey B donated $0 on 12/3/2021
Arthur donated $0 on 12/3/2021
Ingersoll Rand donated $0 on 12/2/2021
In memory of Gail Hamelink’s from her brother John Lyons’s work family.
The Durkin Family donated $0 on 12/2/2021
In memory of Gail Hamelink
Sherri Brown donated $0 on 12/2/2021
Erik Fazio donated $0 on 12/1/2021
Honored to donate to such a great cause in honor of my godmother Gail Hamelink. She is loved and missed by so many already. Rest in peace
Janice and Merlin's KIDS donated $50 on 12/1/2021
Thank you so much for sharing about this wonderful lady and her equally wonderful daughter. You are very loved today and everyday.
Craig Hamelink donated $0 on 12/1/2021
Mary and jim donated $0 on 12/1/2021
Mike T donated $0 on 11/30/2021
by Anonymous donated $0 on 11/30/2021
Continue to do the good work you do Janice. Saving both dogs and humans. ❤️
Patricia M donated $0 on 11/23/2021
Win Win love being a part of this!
Heather donated $0 on 11/17/2021
Thank you for your incredible work!!
Ivan E donated $0 on 11/11/2021
Heatherjoy K donated $0 on 11/11/2021