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Merlin's Kids

Merlin's Kids
Making a Difference... 2 Lives at a Time


Merlin’s KIDS is a 501c-3 non-profit organization. All donations are 100% tax-deductible and help many children and families that cannot afford a service dog.

In addition to helping children with autism and other special needs, we also provide service dogs for:
• Groups, facilities, and schools
• Life-saving health screenings and alerts
• Hospital and residential facility therapies
• Emotional support
• Physical support
• "Reading"
• Companionship
Who is Janice Wolfe?
Janice Wolfe is the founder of Merlin's KIDS and founder of United K9 Professionals. In the past ten years, Wolfe has placed hundreds of rescued and rehabilitated dogs as service, therapy, and companion dogs – a staggering number, considering that her services are free to families in need. “We work with families all over the U.S. Typically a service dog can cost upwards of $30,000 and many agencies require families to fundraise all or part on their own. We do it all for free! Her ability to connect with children allows Merlin’s Kids to evaluate families prior to seeking the appropriate service dog. Ms. Wolfe graduated Columbia University in NY, NY, in 3 years with 2 BA degrees - one in Biological Sciences including a concentration in Animal Behavior - and Economic Sciences, and minor areas of concentration of English, Spanish, Political Science, Genetics, and Philosophy. GCH CH Rambo's Gunfight at s "ACE Award" for Top Service Dog in 2010. Wyatt won AOM at the AKC Eukanuba Championships in Florida in 2013.

Who is Wyatt?
Wyatt, better known as "The Evaluator" travels with Janice Wolfe to visit prospective service dog recipients. Wyatt is known as ‘The Evaluator’ because he helps Janice determine if a child is a good candidate for a service dog and, if so, what type of dog would be suitable. Many children with autism respond very well to dogs! Wyatt is a very close personal friend of Dr. Temple Grandin, world renowned behaviorist and author, and autistic herself.

• We offer Certification in Natural Canine Behavior RehabilitationTM, iBehavioral InterventionTM, Therapeutic FacilitationTM, and service/therapy dogs for individuals, or multiple people.
• Our courses are offered in New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, and internationally.
• We have people all over the world who making a difference in the lives of children with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ASD, PVL, ADD, ADHD, CP, MD, CF, spinal cord injuries as well as disabled veterans, firefighters, and first responders.


•Merlin’s KIDS is developing a western-themed town complete with stores, restaurants, shops, a library, a general store, and livery, all within a functioning Wild West town built on a beautiful ranch in Central NJ, Missouri, Texas, and New York.
•Dr. Temple Grandin will be graciously assisting us in designing the interior and therapy rooms. We will have state-of-the-art quarters specifically designed for maximum learning and fulfillment. Several types of therapies including OT, PT, ST, hippotherapy (horses and riding), pet therapy, and others will be available FREE OF CHARGE to families in need. The spacious log cabins in which families will reside will be complete with interactive walls and kid-friendly furnishings to keep our special children free from harm.
•Special needs children and their families will soon be able to vacation without the stigma of public and private facilities. All who enter are welcomed into a caring and nurturing environment.
•Children and adults will be welcomed to the ranch without judgment and with unconditional acceptance. Families can connect to others in a safe place. All who enter our ranch are special and loved.

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