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Woman by God's Design is a fundraising campaign for Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) to raise the status of women and girls in vulnerable and oppressed communities around the globe.

Why Women & Girls? 
Around the world gender discrimination and oppression is keeping women and girls from realizing their full potential and worth. MAI is improving the lives of women and girls spiritually, physically and relationally through Women’s Cycle of Life; a wholistic curriculum which deals with women’s health issues—from adolescence to childbearing/care of children to menopause.

We address gender inequality and oppression from the perspective that we are all created by God’s beautiful design with great purpose and worth. 

For 40 years, MAI has been working to heal communities and transform lives. At present MAI works in 2,582 communities around the world impacting a population of over 2.56 million people in 75 countries.

Give Today! 

We have a goal to raise
$50,000 by December 31st for our programs that directly impact women and girls around the globe! Your partnership is vital to this work. 
Thank you! 

Stories of Impact

Kenya: The Maasai people have been told by secular anthropologists that their tribe is in danger of extinction from HIV if their sexual practices do not change. Thankfully, many are coming to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, with radical behavior changes occurring as a result. Women’s Cycle of Life is welcomed with open arms, especially in a culture where some women feel that they are valued less than their husband’s cows. Cross-generational trainings have resulted in community action by the women as they reach out to others as well as use what they have learned in their own family life.

Mesoamerica: MAI’s partners in Mesoamerica have been very successful in transforming communities through Women’s Cycle of Life for almost 20 years. Working in indigenous communities as well as among low-income Latinos, it is easy to see how WCL has helped to change lives. The differences between new WCL groups and those who are more seasoned is dramatic, with those already trained in WCL demonstrating healthier relationships and an evidence of a growing faith with a passion to reach out to others. They also love to share their skills in sewing, crafts, beekeeping, gardening or cooking that help to increase the family income. They are giving to others, to multiply what they have learned for the benefit of other communities. One trainer in a Mayan community told of a village woman who could not read though she was given a Bible in her native Mam language. She wanted to know God better and so desperately wanted to read her Bible. Over and over she begged God to give her the gift of reading. Without anyone to teach her, her prayer was answered, and she was miraculously able to read God’s word! Imagine her joy and that of those around her to know that God cares about them in this personal way.

The Philippines: On the island of Leyte, the community of Alangalang is in the early stages of implementing curriculum to address chronic childhood malnutrition. Nutrition is the strong focus along with relational, emotional and spiritual well-being of families as they nurture their babies and toddlers to promote healthy brain development. The nation has learned that their future economy and health as a society is directly related to the health of their population in this significant time period in life. Alangalang has a population of 55,000 (54 neighborhoods). The desire is to reach all of the neighborhoods.

North Asia: Many women work hard doing physical labor in high mountain villages and often lack hope. A MAI Women’s Cycle of Life trainer reported that she sometimes treks for two days to visit women in remote communities who are waiting to learn life-giving knowledge and are eager for food for their souls. She regularly finds that in these situations, it takes two days to facilitate three lessons, which normally could be done in 3-6 hours. This is because the information is so new, the education level so low and the desire to be heard and communicate so powerful. Healthy Birthing Life Saving Skills training has helped open doors for local women of faith to reach out to their neighbors who lack basic services for safe deliveries. Sharing these first aid principles and helping families to find a way to obtain needed care has saved lives. It also has led to life-changing faith in a place where open sharing of the gospel is becoming increasingly forbidden. One of the participants shared her struggles as her husband had been imprisoned for six years on an erroneous charge. When he arrived at the prison, some of the inmates found out that he was a Christian pastor. They shared with him, “We have been praying for a pastor!” During his time in prison, the group of believers grew from a small number to over 300! The husband has since been released. Integral mission ministry is being increasingly valued by the persecuted church. Expansion to other remote regions is desired.

Ethiopia:  In areas where women have low social status and are not highly valued, programs can sometimes focus on the issues that are more important to men. However, the Women’s Cycle of Life program in Ethiopia caused the men to take notice as their wives, children and communities began to be transformed. After learning about their value in God’s eyes, the women began to grow in confidence and joy. They found that providing better physical care and hygiene for their children resulted in fewer childhood illnesses. They learned about relating to their husbands and expressing love to them.They found that attending to their personal hygiene and bathing regularly made them more attractive to their husbands and increased marital faithfulness.The women grew in the understanding of the Word of God and in their faith, with the resulting positive changes in attitudes. As the men were included in lessons about marriage, even pastors came to the realization that they were not treating their wives well. Repeatedly in these couple’s trainings, husbands and pastors are asking for forgiveness (even falling on their knees) for their poor treatment of their wives and are seeing them as valuable and precious.

Return on Investment

Each of our focus communities has a population of between 800 to 1200 people, with an average of approximately 1,000 people per community. In 2019, MAI engaged Calvin Edwards & Company, a philanthropic advisory firm in Atlanta, GA to conduct a Return on Investment Audit of MAI Programs. The ROI in terms of financial investment is $1.02 cost per person instructed. A gift of $1,000 provides instruction to 977 people. 

MAI selected as “Top 10” Ministry for highest ROI - Read More Here

Celebrate God's Design for Women & Girls Mural Project

To celebrate the completion of the project, we will have at beautiful mural on the traffic facing wall of the MAI office in Salida, CA. With your gift of $500 or more, your name (or favorite scripture verse) will be included on a plaque at a special place in the MAI office. 

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