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Margie's Hope

Margie's Hope mission is to help transgender individuals in need and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Margie’s Hope is the manifestation of Jacob Nash’s dream to help transgender people who need assistance. Named after his mother Margie Nash, in September of 2011, Jacob took steps to make his dream a reality by hand-picking the founding Board of Directors for Margie’s Hope. Since then, Jacob and his wife Erin, have devoted their time and energy to creating the framework that will enable Margie’s Hope to open its doors to transgender people throughout Ohio and neighboring states.


Margie’s Hope offers resources, training and support to anyone in need. Margie's Hope also offers several different types of programs depending on the need; TransAlive!, Margie's Kids and Margie's Pride.

Our dream is to open a home that Margie's Hope can call their own. A place for homeless trans individuals to come and have a community, help securing a job and a space to find coaching and guidance on their journey to becoming fully themselves! A space for our kids to come and feel love and support like they were at home with those who love them. And last, a place where the community can call their own where they have computers available to help find jobs, couches to sit and have conversations with others like them and a kitchen where they can go and find food where they may not have been able to before. Basically, a space where we are creating family.

Margie Nash always made a space for people to come and feel like they were part of the family and that is what we want to do, and that's what Margie's Hope has always! Please help us make our dream a reality!

Margie’s Kids is one of the newest programs offered! Margie's Kids is a social group for transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and questioning children ages 6-13 and teens ages 14-17 as well as their friends, for them to hang out, play, learn, do crafts, and support each other. 

Our mission, and the purpose of Margie’s Kids, is to give transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and questioning children and teens the safe-haven they so desperately need in a world where people often don’t understand them. We offer mentor-ship and a place for kids to learn about themselves and grow in self-determination amongst friends. We also offer a place to have fun. Being transgender is not the only thing that defines us. Children and teens should be free to celebrate their lives in a fun and safe environment. Above all, we offer support and hope to a new generation in the hope that these children and teens can be loved and accepted for who they are. The youth program is held on the 1st Friday of every month from 6-8pm.
Margie’s Pride offers a parent support group that is for any parent of a transgender, non-conforming or non-binary individual, regardless of the age of the child! Parents need the opportunity to come together and share and talk about their child in a safe, judgment-free zone and that’s what this group offers. The parent’s group is held on the 1st Friday of every month from 6-8pm.
TransAlive! is one of the programs under Margie’s Hope and it is a support group for transgender, non-conforming, and non-binary individuals, their loved ones, and friends. Facilitated by transgender individuals, it offers support, guidance and resources needed to all those who come; whether it be for doctor referrals, counselor referrals, a hug or just knowing that you are not alone. TransAlive! is held on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 6-8pm.