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MX Spring Fundraiser 2021

MX Community, THANK YOU! During a year of a global pandemic and distance learning (with wildfires and political drama mixed in), you stepped up and donated what you could regardless. As a result, the PTA has met its fundraising requirements for this academic year.  We have raised sufficient funds to meet all we budgeted for.  
   Recent Activity
Mila Ramjiawan donated $100 on 5/11/2021
Steve Solnit & Maryann Sargent donated $250 on 5/6/2021
The Malcolm X community has done such an amazing job of getting us through a challenging year and having a successful reopening!
Svea S donated $100 on 5/6/2021
Pooja Sharma donated $250 on 5/5/2021
Bove Family donated $100 on 5/5/2021
Marci Eppinger donated $50 on 5/5/2021
Peagler Family donated $150 on 5/3/2021
by Anonymous donated $100 on 5/3/2021
Jill Wertheim donated $50 on 5/3/2021
by Anonymous donated $100 on 5/3/2021
by Anonymous donated $250 on 5/3/2021
Natalie Saba donated $50 on 5/3/2021
Erin Jurnove donated $20 on 5/3/2021
Edward Soos donated $100 on 5/3/2021
Mel Bolton donated $500 on 4/24/2021
Michelle P donated $50 on 4/24/2021
Marc Wolf donated $100 on 4/19/2021
Kristine Starr-Witort donated $250 on 4/19/2021
Together we can!
Amanda L G Marini donated $250 on 4/19/2021
by Anonymous donated $36 on 4/19/2021
Esme A Shaller donated $100 on 4/18/2021