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TIRE CHALLENGE! By Susquehanna Plastic Pickin 1000

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If you don't know John Naylor, he has single handedly picked over 16,500 single use plastics from the Susquehanna River in just a couple years. He has also picked many tires and knows that getting tires out of the river can be strenuous and sometimes challenging. John has created a fundraiser for his efforts and would like your support during the month of June. John's goal is to raise $2,500 by the time he reaches 100 tires pulled from the River. All proceeds from John's fundraiser will help support the mission of the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association (LSRA). Guest tire pickers to accompany John on his outings will include the Riverkeeper himself and members of the board of directors of the organization. LSRA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with headquarters in Wrightsville and is dedicated to improving the ecological health of the Lower Susquehanna River Watershed and the Chesapeake Bay. The Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper patrols the river for illegal pollution, and when necessary, enforces environmental laws to protect the river and communities that depend on it. Please consider donating today! 
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Janell Weaver donated $52.25 on 6/24/2021
Thank you for your inspiring work!
Holly K donated $50 on 6/24/2021
EyeMind79 donated $26.31 on 6/19/2021
From New Cumberland on down, we thank you Brother! Our Suzie Q needs the love!
Micah Livermore donated $26.31 on 6/19/2021
Leslie B donated $52.25 on 6/17/2021
Bravo! Go, John Naylor!
SAIL Arizona! donated $104.12 on 6/15/2021
Keep up the great work, ‘bro!
Liz and Chris Glaston donated $50 on 6/13/2021
Thanks for the work you do! 🛶
Ryan White donated $104.12 on 6/11/2021
by Anonymous donated $104.12 on 6/10/2021
Justin Mando donated $104.12 on 6/9/2021
People like John make the world go round.
The Bonaduci family donated $52.25 on 6/7/2021
Always glad to help. Your work is greatly appreciated!!
Stacy donated $30 on 6/7/2021
Leslie B donated $52.25 on 6/7/2021
juli s donated $26.31 on 6/6/2021
Mummy thomas donated $25 on 6/3/2021
In awe of the great work you do, hope you reach your goals
MattM donated $104.12 on 6/2/2021
Thank you for this great work!
Crystal Wanner donated $50 on 6/2/2021
Jamie Kinsley donated $25 on 6/2/2021
You’re doing amazing things, John!
Wheat Plains Landscapes donated $25 on 6/1/2021
Ashley Stimpson donated $25 on 6/1/2021
Susquehanna plastic pick'n 1000 donated $26.31 on 6/1/2021
Thank You " LowerSusquehannaRiverKeeper"
Kami Loyd donated $104.12 on 5/31/2021
Thank you for working so hard to keep the river clean John!
Ted Evgeniadis donated $5.56 on 5/25/2021