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It is a very exciting time for Lovegood Performing Arts Company - the new life changing performing arts company that we are building together to serve the former Beaverton Journey community.

We have set a $100,000 startup goal. We know that is a lot of money, but together we know we can raise it for the students and their families.

Based on exhaustive research and budgeting, we know that is what it will take to lease and build a home for the students, their family, their friends, and the broader community to take classes, rehearse, and perform in. Your gift will provide:

- Fun and Safe Space - a place for each student and all their friends to belong that serves as their family's home away from home

- Their Own Performance Space - built with the love each donor has for this community and built within our own Washington County area, not miles away in Portland or another state

- Schedule Flexibility - no longer being at the mercy of other peoples’ schedules

- Financial Stability - that is necessary to never say no to a student looking for a safe community full of young people 

Be a hero to a deserving student and their family by giving generously today to make this all possible for this community!