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For people living with HIV, housing is the first and most essential treatment. Connecting with doctors, storing medicines, and creating a healthy life cannot happen until a person has a roof over their head, a bed to sleep in, and an address for receiving mail.

By providing emergency lodging, short and long term housing assistance, financial grants, and housing education, Living Room ensures no person in Georgia faces HIV and Homelessness alone.  Professional case managers provide supportive wrap around services and refer clients to medical, job, mental health, education, and other social services to help each one find the tools they need.

To learn more about Living Room’s housing programs and 22 years of service, please visit our website at

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Best idea ever!
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love what this organization and gregory mckelvey are doing!!
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For Gregory McKelvey's Resource Guide
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To help cover the costs of the book that was posted on Twitter
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For someone less fortunate than I.
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I am happy to become a Keystone Member to support the great work of The Living Room.
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