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"Your Orchestra" Campaign for Linn-Mar 2020-21

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Amount raised: $6,010

Amount left: $3,990

“Your Orchestra” Campaign - Supporting your Linn-Mar students 
and enhancing the arts within our greater community!

The Linn-Mar “Your Orchestra” Campaign is our annual fundraiser which directly benefits our 550 orchestra students in 5th-12th grade. Every gift will make an important and immediate difference for our orchestras.


Our campaign goal of $10,000 * will help bring in inspiring guest artists, fund exciting special events, and supply our students with the necessary instruments, literature, and accessories to help them learn and grow. Your support will directly benefit every student throughout the Linn-Mar Orchestra Program 
*Online goal indicates $8,000 as many families write checks instead of online giving.

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Your Important Gift Will Help Fund:

Guest Artist Series and Clinicians                                      Instruments                                       

Red Cedar Chamber Ensemble                                              Advanced Level Cello - $4,000
Guest Directors from Area & Regional Universities Entry       Level Bass - $2,000
Local Professional Musicians Serving as Coaches                Advanced Level Violin/Viola -$2,000
and Clinicians from U of I, ISU, UNI, Coe College                  Entry Level Cello - $800
                                                                                                Entry Level Violin/Viola - $500

Materials                                                                               Performance Sheet Music

Advanced Level Bow - $300                                                 Middle School - $50 per Literature Selection
Entry Level bow - $50                                                           High School - $100 per Literature Selection
Rosin $5-10
Strings $15-$100

Important Notes:

The first annual Linn-Mar Orchestra department "Your Orchestra" campaign in 2017 was a huge success! We listened to your suggestions and eliminated two product fundraisers and we exceeded our fundraising goals with your generous help! Every size gift helps support orchestra students in their pursuit of musical excellence. Please share this with grandparents and extended family who may wish to help support your musician.

The Linn-Mar School Foundation is a fiscal agent for the “Your Orchestra” Campaign online donations. All gifts will benefit the Linn-Mar Orchestra Program. Employee matching contribution forms must indicate the Linn-Mar School Foundation as the organization receiving the funds for this campaign.

*“Your Orchestra” Campaign fundraising overall goal is $10,000.00. Online goal indicates $8,000.00 as many of our families write checks instead of donating online. If you would prefer to write a check instead of an online contribution please turn your donation into your student’s orchestra director. Please make checks out to Linn-Mar School Foundation with “Your Orchestra” campaign in memo. 


   Recent Activity
Kyle and Jennie Rickels donated $50 on 11/29/2020
Steve Meeker donated $50 on 11/28/2020
Ghassan and Yara Halloush donated $150 on 11/25/2020
Chavez Family donated $50 on 11/23/2020
by Anonymous donated $50 on 11/23/2020
Jeremy and Jennifer Keller donated $100 on 11/23/2020
by Anonymous donated $25 on 11/23/2020
Rao family donated $100 on 11/23/2020
Thank you Linn Mar for your sincere efforts to make all the Music magic happen.
by Anonymous donated $25 on 11/22/2020
Gerry and Laura Ernzen donated $50 on 11/22/2020
Christoph and Rachel Trappe donated $100 on 11/22/2020
Erica T donated $25 on 11/22/2020
Scott S donated $150 on 11/21/2020
Kraig and Vanessa Renaud donated $100 on 11/21/2020
Dana Anderson donated $150 on 11/21/2020
UMESH SAKOLKAR donated $25 on 11/21/2020
Gururaja Family donated $250 on 11/21/2020
Thanks to the LinnMar Music teachers for enriching the kid's lives with your dedication to music education. We love Linnmar Orchestra!
Dave and Kristi Whitham donated $150 on 11/20/2020
by Anonymous donated $100 on 11/20/2020
The Breitbach Family donated $50 on 11/20/2020
Josh Bean donated $75 on 11/20/2020
by Anonymous donated $25 on 11/20/2020
by Anonymous donated $30 on 11/19/2020
by Anonymous donated $25 on 11/19/2020
Ramya Ajoykumar donated $100 on 11/18/2020