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Write One For Westfield 2017-2018

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Write ONE for Westfield!  We heard your suggestions and we listened.  We are having one fundraiser for the whole year, and this is it.

We have a HUGE goal of $20,000* and we need YOUR help to be successful.  Every size gift will make a important impact on educational excellence at Westfield.  
*Write One for Westfield fundraising overall goal is $20,000.  Online goal only indicates $6,000 as many of our families write checks instead of online giving.

Don't forget to check with your employer about their matching program so you can double your donation! Most companies have great employee matching programs - not sure how? CHECK HERE on how to DOUBLE THE DONATION

How great does that sound?! One time for your child to ask family and friends for donations, one fundraising form to return to school, one corporate match form to fill out, and MORE TIME FOR FUN!

The Back 2 School Bash will be the perfect time to CELEBRATE this ONE TIME FUNDRAISER SUCCESS! We will kick off our fundraiser at Open House Night on Monday, August 21st from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Come to school, drop off supplies, meet your child’s teacher, and stop in the cafeteria for an ice cream social. Show your support for Westfield School by visiting with friends and dropping off your ONE TIME donation check!!

1 Goal- $20,000.  Your generous gift helps....

               Science Nights = learning & exploring       Literacy Nights promote love of reading

 Field trips broaden student experiences                    Roller skating unit made possible by our donors

#1: Support our Teachers: YOUR fundraising helps to buy new items and supplies for your children’s classrooms. They will need our support more than ever due to budget cuts!

#2: Field Trips: YOUR fundraising pays for each child to enjoy a class field trip that ties into the grade level curriculum and enhances student learning.
#3: FUN! FUN! FUN!: YOUR fundraising pays for PTO sponsored fun for your children to enjoy throughout the school year: Roller Skating Unit, Learning Nights, Back 2 School Bash, Movie Night, Sock Hop, Family Game/Pancake Night, Homecoming Parade, and much more!

#4: Special School Requests: YOUR fundraising helps pay for any extra items or programs our teachers and staff need to make our school year a wonderful experience for your children! Previous items funded have been RAZ Kids, sound system for the gym, iPads and charging cart, Mimio classroom teaching technology, new library furniture…. We can’t wait to hear how we can help out this school year!

Movie Nights = Westfield family fun                Sock Hop is a Westfield tradition

 Stride for Pride gets kids moving & shaking      Thank you for letting us serve your students

Dunk the Principal!                                         Stride for Pride - A Westfield Tradition

When we are successful in raising $20,000 we will be able to fund these programs for the students of Westfield:

$20,000 and above will provide these great things for our staff & students at Westfield: 

Staff Appreciation programs
21st Century classroom & student technology
Larger Funding requests, past examples include playground & trail equipment, 
Classroom grants to teachers
Raz Online Reading program
Roller-skating unit for all students
Learning Nights
Movie & Literacy Nights
Children's Choice Awards books
Field Trips for all students
Back 2 School Bash
Stride for Pride

Important Notes:

The Linn-Mar School Foundation is a fiscal agent for Westfield PTO online donations.  All gifts will benefit Westfield Elementary. Please complete matching contribution forms to Westfield PTO.

Write One for Westfield fundraising overall goal is $20,000.  Online goal only indicates $5,000 as many of our families write checks instead of online giving.

Did you know you could double or even triple your donation by securing a matching gift from your employer?
Not sure if your company matches, check Double the Donation here

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