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Bowman Blast Campaign 2018

Fundraising global stats: 17% left

Amount raised: $4,160

Amount left: $840

Bowman Blast campaign was a roaring success last year and we are doing it again!

We have a HUGE goal of $20,000* and we need YOUR help to be successful.  Every size gift will make a important impact on educational excellence at Bowman Woods.
*Bowman Blast fundraising overall goal is $20,000.  Online goal indicates $5,000 as many of our families write checks instead of online giving.

Do you LOVE Bowman Woods Elementary? Do you believe the faculty and staff at Bowman Woods are the BEST?  Do you believe children THRIVE when their school days also include FUN and ENRICHMENT?

If so, Bowman Blast is YOUR chance to help students at Bowman Woods LEARN and DO their BEST through:

* Field Trips and Assemblies

* Enrichment resources (books, learning games, flexible seating)

* Reading Resources (RazKids, Read Naturally Live)

* Technology (iPads, laptops, SeeSaw)

And CELEBRATE achievements and build a LOVE for school through:

* FREE Family Nights like Sock Hop & Fun Fair

* After School Clubs

* Class parties

* Staff and Volunteer appreciation

If you donated in prior years, THANK YOU, you gift has made an impact!  We are asking for your support again this year.  If you have not donated in the past, THANK YOU for considering it. With your generous support, these resources and opportunities will be available to ALL the wonderful students and staff at Bowman Woods Elementary.

Want an easy way to DOUBLE your contribution? DON’T FORGET CORPORATE MATCHES!

Does your employer have a donation-matching program available? Most corporations require a minimum of $25 donation in order to match. Not sure if your company matches, check Double the Donation here

* If you work for Rockwell Collins, copies of their matching fund form can be found online or the Bowman Woods office.

* If your employer has an online matching application, please include a printed copy of your match confirmation in this envelope.

* If applicable, please return a completed and signed corporate matching form for each donor match to the student collecting the donations.

*Your gift and matching form must be made payable to the Linn-Mar School Foundation. They are the fiscal agent for our campaign. Your contribution will be directed back to Bowman Woods PTO.


All online donations and matching gifts count towards the student and all-school incentives!  Let’s make sure that all students have a BLAST at BOWMAN WOODS!

1 Goal- $20,000.  Your generous gift helps....
#1: Classroom Enrichment: $6,000 Needed. Teachers thrive when given the opportunity to implement new and inventive strategies and programs in their classrooms. YOUR fundraising helps them to buy things that will enrich their teaching AND your students' learning. They will need our support more than ever due to budget cuts!

#2: Field Trips: $6,000 Needed. YOUR fundraising gives EACH class the opportunity to go on field trips and enjoy special assemblies that tie into their curriculum and bring the material to life in a way that cannot be achieved in the classroom. 
#3: Reading Resources.  $4,000 Needed.  Whether students need extra challenge or extra support, funds raised help provide extra reading resources like RAZ Kids to ALL students.

#4: Family & Community Activities, Staff & Volunteer Support, Emerging projects.  $7,000 Needed.  Students and families connect, learn and play together with our family activity nights, we help support our Bowman Woods staff with additional classroom needs, show our appreciation to our wonderful volunteers and supporting emerging projects throughout the year.

Important Notes:

The Linn-Mar School Foundation is a fiscal agent for Bowman Woods online donations.  All gifts will benefit Bowman Woods Elementary.  Please complete online matching contribution forms if applicable or complete matching form and return with your contribution or mail to the Linn-Mar School Foundation, 2999 N. 10th Street, Marion, IA 52302.  

Bowman Blast's fundraising overall goal is $25,000.  Online goal indicates $5,000 as many of our families write checks instead of online giving.

Did you know you could double or even triple your donation by securing a matching gift from your employer?
Not sure if your company matches, check Double the Donation here

Linn-Mar School Foundation
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Kenneth & Shirley Conner donated $5 on 9/25/2018
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We love you Orin. We are so proud of you.
Karl and Kristi Kasper donated $75 on 9/25/2018
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Amy & Eric donated $20 on 9/24/2018