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Welcome to the Go Fund Linn Grove Campaign!
August 26th - February 3rd
$10,000 Campaign for Linn Grove Learners

Tired of selling chocolate, popcorn, magazines and candles? Then this fundraiser is for YOU! A fun spin on "Go Fund Me: this direct, non-selling campaign encourages you to help "Go Fund Linn Grove!"

Go Fund Linn Grove begins August 26th with a fun official kick-off at the fun Red Black Track Attack (RBTA)! We will have ONE fundraising campaign for the YEAR with a BIG goal of $10,000!  We need YOUR help to impact our classrooms and students. Every size gift is important and will have a huge impact on our students and staff at Linn Grove!

Keep in mind familes, grandparents and friends can donate anytime safely and securely online throughout the school year. You might be able to DOUBLE your gift through your employer. Not sure how? Check Double The Donation and see just how easy it is.

Why are we doing it this way?
In a word, simplicity. Every Linn Grove student benefits from a successful giving campaign. Budgeting for the entire school year makes offering programming easier, fits into everyone's busy schedules and is cost effective! 100% of your donation goes to Linn Grove to be used THIS school year.  

We are striving for 100% participation for a successful campaign, whether you can contribute $5 or $500, your contribution is important.  A gift to our campaign shows the Linn Grove community cares deeply about the quality educational experience for our students and supports the school's mission through volunteer giving.


What student-focused programs are supported with the money raised?

Family Fun Night
America Reads
Old Creamery Theatre performances
Movie Nights
Field Trips
Funds to grow the Linn Grove library
Weekly reader, National Geographic & Scholastic Magazines
Back-to-School classroom materials
PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports)
Meals for Linn Grove staff for conferences & staff appreciation week
Red Black Track Attack
4th & 5th grade send off celebrations
Breakfast with Buddies
Trunk or Treat
and so much more!


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