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2020 FL Breakaway

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Everybody needs a break – a chance to get away. 

The reality is that those with disabilities and their families often don’t get one. Everyone deserves the chance to be at the center of activities – not on the sidelines. Parents need time to just be alone with each other. Caregivers need to be cared for. Love and laughter make a difference. 

Breakaway is a ­five day family retreat to provide relaxation, recreation and spiritual renewal for the disability family. Families engaged by disabilities arrive to a week ­filled with pampering, water activities, arts & crafts and many recreational options. Every day is capped with a family event like a barn dance, luau or talent show.

The strength of the week really takes place when families connect. Therefore, there are times when we can learn from each other renewing and creating strong family bonds. The core of Breakaway is the opportunity the disability family has to connect to a loving God. Through the relationships made in these ­five days they see Jesus’ example of love and acceptance. This will truly be a week of laughter and fun; coupled with, splashes of healing and love. A week of life changes and memories to treasure. 

Your Gift makes that happen.