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Dunyelle Rosen
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I first heard about Li Fraumeni Syndrome when a very close family friend was diagnosed a few years ago.   After learning more about the disease and LFSA, I wanted to try and do something to help.  To that end, I became a member of the LFSA Board.  I am fundraising to support the work of an organization I deeply believe in.  

Li-Fraumeni Syndrome impacts so many families in profound ways.  LFSA is working hard to bring those families together to raise awareness, provide support, and fuel funding for Li-Fraumeni Syndrome research.  LFSA is also making a significant effort to bring the medical community together to further LFS research across the globe.

Funding is critical to furthering life-saving research - we need your help!

Please join me in supporting this incredible organization!

For more information on Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, please visit our website:

Thank you for your support!

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