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From Our Family to Yours Campaign

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At Lena Park we are many generations, but one family.

Purposefully bringing together different generations in planned activities are mutually beneficial and strengthens the family and individual wellness. This strategy is healing our community from some of the trauma and violence that many of our families experience on a regular basis.

Whether it’s joint participation in our crochet class, or learning Microsoft Office in our Technology Center, (see pictures below) we are all learning together while dispelling inaccurate and negative stereotypes about race, age, and gender.  

Now is the time that you can help us bring healing to our community through these and other activities being held at Lena Park.

In fact, activities like these promote the transmission of cultural traditions and values from the older to younger generations, helping build a sense of personal and community identity while encouraging acceptance to all people

Activities like these builds an appreciation for both the past and the future and a sense of safety and oneness, which is vital in our community that has higher incidents of crime and violence, drug and gang activity, and single parent families who need additional support.

Since we reopened in May, nearly 300 community residents have enrolled in our Community Center and now have access to resources, trainings, academic support, recreation, and much more. We are launching new programs and services, and now is the time to get involved.

We invite your family to join the Lena Park family this holiday season.

We need your help to provide our families with opportunities, guidance, resources, and support that they would not otherwise have access to which would result in holistic healing. 

I encourage you to make a donation right now. A gift of just...

$25 will pay for a health and wellness class to a youth or adult struggling with their weight, body image, and self-esteem.
$50 will help a teen be mentored/gain leadership skills in our Youth Council or a senior (65+) can learn computers in our Technology Café.
$100 will provide snacks, structured play, and academic support for a child for one week in our Kids Connect afterschool program.
$250 will allow a family access to emergency food, government resources and clinical support by a licensed social worker.
$500 will allow a middle schooler to attend a yearlong robotics class to learn STEM skills and be introduced to a career in science, technology, engineering, and/or math.
$1,000 will enroll a parent in parent nurturing classes to ensure that their child is school ready for kindergarten on time.

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Very good cause, keep up the good work Devesh!
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Thanks for doing this work!
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Devesh, thank you for spearheading this and reminding us to be kind and giving.
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Great cause!
by Anonymous donated $25 on 5/22/2019
Thank you for working on this.
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Thank you for doing this work!
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For the Fab Lab
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Thanks for the great work you do...
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