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Lena Park Community Development Corporation

Our mission is to provide integrated programs, services and access to resources that will help youth and families in the Lena Park catchment area in Boston build healthy lives, healthy families, and a healthy community. 

Lena Park was founded in 1968 by community residents concerned with affordable housing needs and youth development.  Over the decades, Lena Park has impacted thousands of children, youth, and families as a key service provider of quality affordable housing and effective human services.  

Currently we operate six housing developments, Olmsted Green I, II, and III, Brown Kaplan, LBB, and Granite Lena Park. We also operate a Community Center that has programs in the following areas: STEAM, Education and Entrepreneurship, Visual & Performing Arts, Recreation, Family Support and Community Engagement.
Lena Park is a youth and family focused, multi-service, non-profit agency located on the Dorchester/Mattapan line in Boston, founded in 1968 by community residents concerned with affordable housing and youth development.

In 1970, under the direction of a talented community leader, Patrick F. Jones, Jr., Lena Park expanded into a multi-service community center, formally incorporating as the Lena Park Community Development Corporation (LPCDC) in 1973. In recognition of the value and importance of this new agency, the Combined Jewish Philanthropies transferred ownership of the YMHA Hecht House, where the Community Center currently is located, to Lena Park.

Over the decades, LPCDC has impacted thousands of children, youth, and families as a key service provider of quality affordable housing and effective human services.  We currently oversee six housing developments surrounding the Community Center including Brown Kaplan, Granite Lena Park, LBB, and Olmstead Green I, II, and III. These developments combined consist of 500 units of housing for 1,300 residents.

In the past five years, LPCDC has gone through some positive changes. Most recently in 2010 LPCDC temporarily suspended their social services and underwent a comprehensive community assessment and planning process.  This assessment was completed in 2013 and guided the organization in its reopening of the Community Center on April 30, 2015. Also during that time LPCDC sold a portion of its building to the Edward Brooke Charter School and used those monies to complete a $1.4Mil capital campaign to renovate our Community Center.  A new Board of Directors was formed and new staff have been hired to carry out a revitalized mission for the 21st century: to provide integrated programs, services and access to resources that will help youth and families in the Lena Park catchment area build healthy lives, healthy families, and a healthy community. Below is a photo of families at a community event in our new community room.

In 2017, our priorities include launching our Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory), engaging the community in a public art project, support for our Robotics class, and other STEAM related programming, and youth employment.

Below is a photo college of our new Fab Lab that will be opening in January of 2017.

Programs and Services
Lena Park serves over 1,800 low to moderate income children, youth, and families in the Dorchester/Mattapan catchment area surrounding the Community Center. This includes 1,300 residents living in the 504 low-income units of housing at our six housing developments. These developments include: LBB, Granite Lena Park, Brown Kaplan, and Olmstead Green I, II, and III. In March of 2017 we broke ground for Olmsted Green IV and in 2018 we borke ground for Olmsted Green V.  Our plan is to add an additional 181 units of housing by 2021 which includes Olmsted Green IV, V, and VI.

Our programs and services have evolved since opening the renovated Community Center.  Community-based partnerships are being developed so that most relevant services will be provided based on community need and input from stakeholders at monthly meetings. The following is a list of programs based on age:

Children: MA Dept. Early Education & Care Licensed After School Program which includes: musiConnects; math coaching; Chess Club; Fab Lab instruction; bucket drumming; computer classes; Tech Café access; “e” Inc science class, and homework support. Also we offer a Summer Kids Connect program; and a year round Premier Hoops Basketball program.

Youth: Robotics; Open Gym; Original Steppers dance class; Youth Leadership; College Readiness; Financial Literacy; Jobs Readiness and Youth Employment; Youth Summer Jobs; Fab Lab Instruction; Premier Hoops; Friday night Teen Cafes; Game Night; Middle School Wednesdays for Brooke Charter School students/early release days; Books of Hope Boston - creative writing and performance classes; Internet of Everything; Coding for One Community; and Tech Café access.

Adults: Entrepreneurship classes; Books of Hope Boston; Tech Café access; Game Night; Open Gym; CodeSquad; Soul Line Dancing; Zumba; Bootcamp; Original Steppers dance class; and Men’s Basketball.

Community Engagement: Community Dinners, Resident Stakeholder meetings, Family Movie Nights, Fair Foods Program, Community Resource Coordination, Community Financial Coaching/Counseling, and special community events.

Housing: LP manages 500 units of affordable housing with nearly 1,300 residents who live in six housing communities in the catchment area. They include: Olmsted Green I, II, and III, Granite Lena Park, LBB, and Brown Kaplan. In March of 2017 we broke ground for Olmsted Green IV for 181 more units of mixed use affordable housing. It will be completed in the next four years.

Lena Park values volunteers and has many opportunities to serve. Below is a list of different ways to get involved. If you would like to serve for any period of time please go to and fill out the volunteer form on the volunteer page. 

STAKEHOLDER COMMITTEE members work with community residents and staff to review Lena Park’s programs and services and recommend changes or new directions so that residents needs are being met.  Monthly meetings involve anywhere from 10-70 residents and staff.

GALA EVENT COMMITTEE members meet primarily from December to April leading up to the gala in April to design and execute the event. Committee members are expected to contribute, recommend potential new contacts, and attend the event.

DATABASE ENTRY:  Lena Park’s donors rely on accurate outcomes about our programs through data entry that is completed on our Salesforce and Google docs. Precise typing skills, paying attention to details, and the ability to understand computers is expected.

PUBLIC RELATIONS/MARKETING/DESIGN:  Serve as a public relations/marketing/design volunteer, assisting with the writing or editing and distribution of Lena Park’s marketing materials, brochures, invitations, etc, and/or getting the word out about our programs and services. This includes both online and print media and website assistance.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Assist with video design about Lena Park’s programs and services.

RECREATIONAL ASSISTANT/COACH/REFEREE: Throughout the year, Lena Park operates recreational classes, including basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, all of which need assistants and some also are in need of coaches or refereeing. Also if you are an instructor in some style of fitness, (Zumba, Yoga, etc.) volunteers are welcome to operate a class/classes.

EDUCATIONAL TRAINING: Provide workshops for adults who need guidance in a variety of areas to improve their lives. Topics include changes in accessing health care, diabetes and obesity prevention, healthy eating, fitness, parenting, job readiness training, computers/technology, budgeting and/or other financial education topics;

YOUTH COUNCIL TRAINING: Provide youth specific curriculum in the areas of job site work habits training, financial literacy, workplace etiquette and dress codes, dining etiquette, college readiness, financial aid application support, relationship/domestic violence prevention training, internet/social media etiquette, etc.

MEAL SUPPORT: Provide a meal for one of our classes for either our youth council (pizza and beverage) or a meal or snacks for parenting classes/afterschool program, etc.

YOUTH COUNCIL MENTOR: Our youth council meets on a regular basis and would benefit from having a mentor in their lives.  Mentoring requires a CORI check and we ask that you make a year-long commitment to this volunteer opportunity.

BABYSITTING SUPPORT: During our parenting classes, often parents will bring their children because they can’t afford a babysitter. Lena Park provides babysitting services for that hour and a half when parents are in their support group or a training. Requires CORI check.

KIDS CONNECT AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM: Must complete a state mandated CORI check to ensure the safety of the youth in our care. These volunteer opportunities include:
      TUTORS 1-2 days a week for 3 months in Reading, English, Math or Science; and
      ARTISTS serve as vocal or musical instrument instructors, performers for special occasions, lead arts and crafts activities, etc.
To visit our Community Center or to speak with staff please call Katherine Martinez at 617-533-8133 or

We are located at:
150 American Legion Highway, Dorchester, MA 02124.
phone: 617-533-8133
fax: 617-506-8543