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Laughing At My Nightmare, Inc.

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 Laughing At My Nightmare is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to spread a message of positivity while providing equipment grants to those living with muscular dystrophy.

Please note: all donations made in this campaign from 3/19-3/22/20 were applied to LAMN's COVID-19 Resource Relief Program.

If you would like to donate specifically to this program, please click here:
   Recent Activity
by Anonymous donated $10 on 4/5/2020
by Anonymous donated $10 on 4/5/2020
Charley and Lauren Kakel donated $100 on 4/4/2020
We're happy to contribute to this great cause. Thanks for setting it up!
Cyndi & Larry donated $100 on 3/31/2020
Mary Ellen Smith donated $100 on 3/31/2020
Auntie Ba donated $25 on 3/30/2020
So proud of Hannah & Shane for this brilliant idea and grateful for setting it up. I know people are pinched and we can help a biit again.
Leah LeDrew donated $10 on 3/29/2020
Thanks for all that you’re doing to help!
by Anonymous donated $25 on 3/29/2020
Liz & Devon donated $10 on 3/28/2020
May all stay safe & healthy through this trying time ♡
by Anonymous donated $100 on 3/28/2020
Abbie donated $50 on 3/27/2020
Lexi Fojtik donated $10 on 3/27/2020
Love you guys and everything y’all do for the community. Thanks for being awesome!
Mandy & John Gato donated $25 on 3/27/2020
I’ve recently subscribed to your channel. Your videos are inspiring and y’all are an adorable couple ❤️
by Anonymous donated $15 on 3/26/2020
Happy to donate what I can to this cause. Praying for the health of all applying for these relief funds. God bless you and keep you safe.
Marsha Malamet donated $100 on 3/26/2020
You guys are a light in the darkness. Keep it up!
by Anonymous donated $100 on 3/26/2020
Keep up the good work, guys!!!
Steve & Brenda donated $100 on 3/26/2020
by Anonymous donated $5 on 3/25/2020
Suzanne Tripp donated $25 on 3/25/2020
Dan donated $15 on 3/25/2020
Ron donated $100 on 3/24/2020
Hannah O donated $100 on 3/24/2020
For the COVID-19 grocery gift card support or wherever it is most needed.