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Spearheaded by the Bain Social Impact teams, this fundraiser not only brings our global Bain community together but also supports La Cocina, an incubator for low-income food entrepreneurs to build a more diverse and equitable food industry.

Rules of the Game
1) Run, walk, or cycle 5KM (gym, outdoors, indoors… wherever is easier for you!)
2) Donate $25 or more on this campaign page
3) Nominate 5+ people in your community (e.g., friends, family) to do the same! You can nominate people by sharing the campaign page link via social media, WhatsApp or email

La Cocina
La Cocina’s mission is to cultivate low-income food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses, focusing on women of color and women from immigrant communities. Their vision is that entrepreneurs gain financial security by doing what they love to do, creating an innovative, vibrant and inclusive economic landscape. La Cocina provides affordable kitchen space, industry-specific technical assistance, access to market opportunities, and access to capital to participants in their incubator program.

La Cocina's efforts right now are focused on COVID relief and regeneration for their participant and graduate businesses, who are still only generating about 10-40% of pre-COVID sales. Last year they launched an Emergency Relief Fund (for which they raised and disbursed over $910K in unrestricted funds to the businesses), paired entrepreneurs with pro-bono attorneys to assist with business rent abatement, provided guidance to entrepreneurs who wanted to apply for grants and loans like the Paycheck Protection Program, and supported businesses in negotiating deferral for all business-related debt. They then turned their focus to income generation for the entrepreneurs, launching a Community Food Box program and pushing gift box sales which together have resulted in $2 million in revenue for businesses, and forging food insecurity partnerships that have generated $1,080,000 for 22 businesses.

Your donation will support this work and help sustain a vibrant and inclusive economic landscape. To learn more about La Cocina and their work, please visit

I understand this event is completely voluntary and that participating in this event may include physical activity including an outdoor walk or run. I acknowledge I am participating at my own risk. I agree I will only engage in activities that I am healthy enough to perform and which do not pose a known risk to my health or well-being and I will consult with my medical provider in advance of any activity if I have any questions or concerns. I further agree to comply with all COVID related requirements imposed by my local government.