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DANIELLE TSI donated $100 on 9/19/2019
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nathan h donated $100 on 9/14/2019
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In memory of James Miller....
Priscilla McRae donated $25 on 9/9/2019
In memory of James Jim Miller
Michele Rabkin donated $25 on 9/7/2019
In memory of Tannis Reinhertz
Arne Roomann-Kurrik donated $250 on 9/2/2019
Marc & Lois Martin donated $300 on 8/25/2019
La Cocina has empowered women to become thriving business owners and we thank them for it.
Susanne and Gary Hollander donated $100 on 8/19/2019
WE ARE LA COCINA is a unique global cookbook with a powerful purpose. It is filled with heartwarming recipes, images, and personal stories.
Parin Jogani donated $250 on 8/16/2019
Raegan Sales donated $75 on 8/16/2019
Thank you for your work, La Cocina!
Abbie Liel donated $250 on 8/14/2019
Thanks for an inspiring story about women and immigrants (and others!) at a time when we desperately need such inspiration!
Elia Perez and Jacob Rael donated $25 on 8/13/2019
La Cocina is such a great idea!
David H. Pardoe donated $100 on 8/13/2019
Just read your book: awesome!
Laura & Brian Rue donated $100 on 8/13/2019
David Axelrad donated $25 on 8/12/2019
Lauren E Clark donated $500 on 8/9/2019
For paddle raise at La Cocina Gala!
Honorarium Gift on behalf of Emory University donated $500 on 8/8/2019
Thank you for hosting us and teaching us how we can leverage your model to support food entrepreneurs in the ATL.
Caroline Peterson donated $1050 on 7/29/2019
On behalf of Pared, I'm honored extend the generous donations raised through the Taste of Paredise event at Soda Popinski's!
Soda Popinski's donated $226 on 7/24/2019
Daniel Boulanger donated $100 on 7/22/2019
Jody k. donated $25 on 7/18/2019