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Barbara M donated $50 on 11/29/2020
SK Rudolph Brewington donated $75 on 11/29/2020
For the continuation of a great catholic service
Felicia Hullena Jackson donated $20 on 11/29/2020
Elizabeth Q donated $20 on 11/29/2020
Lady Franz Aubry donated $25 on 11/29/2020
Rebecca Duncan donated $100 on 11/28/2020
Keep God's goodness coming! I truly enjoy this Claver family time!
Lil Brown-Parker donated $20 on 11/24/2020
Supporting C4CC!
Lady Deputy Renita Lloyd donated $20 on 11/23/2020
Karen R Pinson donated $20 on 11/22/2020
Lady Franz Aubry donated $100 on 11/22/2020
Lady Audrey Shaw donated $25 on 11/22/2020
Thank you Western States for always providing beautiful Liturgies especially for the many shut ins! Peace and blessings
Lady Albertine Taylor donated $100 on 11/22/2020
Bernadette Pinchback donated $100 on 11/22/2020
Karen Stewart sister/cousin of Audrey Ina Shaw donated $50 on 11/22/2020
In Jesus Name Amen!
Gilda A donated $50 on 11/22/2020
The weekly mass is wonderful, very uplifting during these trying times.
Carol Ann Motte donated $100 on 11/22/2020
SK Rudolph Brewington donated $50 on 11/22/2020
Please continue this outstanding service!
Carol Ann Motte donated $100 on 11/16/2020
Bonnie Hall donated $50 on 11/15/2020
SK Rudolph Brewington donated $50 on 11/15/2020
Beautiful service today! Kee[ it up!
Bro. Dee donated $25 on 11/15/2020
thank all y'all.
by Anonymous donated $100 on 11/8/2020