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by Anonymous donated $50 on 10/25/2021
Karen Ann Hammer donated $50 on 10/20/2021
by Anonymous donated $25 on 10/16/2021
by Anonymous donated $25 on 10/16/2021
April Powell-Otero donated $25 on 10/9/2021
Inga Minton donated $100 on 10/5/2021
T Tovar donated $25 on 10/4/2021
Give what support you can. Green Party. Bitcoin. ADA.
Tim Moore donated $100 on 10/3/2021
Greatest non corporate radio
George Neves, MD donated $50 on 10/1/2021
by Anonymous donated $100 on 10/1/2021
Mark Fletcher donated $250 on 9/29/2021
Thank you for the local content, especially The Struggle and Climate Politics. Also thank your for he coverage of the Tower Theater protest
Sergio Sanchez donated $5 on 9/28/2021
Muchas gracias por el programa.
Inga Minton donated $100 on 9/24/2021
Ryan donated $100 on 9/8/2021
Love Interstellar Lounge!
Dorothy Osak donated $100 on 8/3/2021
Lynn Jacobsson donated $100 on 7/29/2021
KFCF makes life in the Central Valley bearable--couldn't live here without it.
Lee S donated $250 on 7/28/2021
Manuel Contreras donated $50 on 7/24/2021
Left Coast Tim donated $25 on 7/24/2021
Please accept my donation to support ''Blues by the Bay'' emanating from your sibling station KPFA/KPFB. LONG LIVE ELMORE JAMES.
Sophia donated $100 on 7/23/2021
My heart will break if you go away.
Inga Minton donated $100 on 7/20/2021
Thank you Wasteland of the Free!
Jamie Dellapa donated $100 on 7/17/2021
Dolores A donated $25 on 6/18/2021
by Anonymous donated $100 on 6/17/2021
Kevin M donated $40 on 5/31/2021