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Make a difference in the life of a young person with disabilities: Donate to KEEN St. Louis.

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The Hamp family donated $25.88 on 9/4/2020
Happy birthday, Julie Scott! We love you!
Suraj and Jyoti donated $103.5 on 9/3/2020
Craig McBride donated $51.75 on 7/7/2020
Stephanie W donated $103.5 on 5/31/2020
Kerry Elmore donated $258.75 on 5/27/2020
by Anonymous donated $51.75 on 5/17/2020
Sharon Randolph donated $51.75 on 5/8/2020
Thank you KEEN! You guys are great!
Julie Scott Soffner donated $258.75 on 5/7/2020
Give STL Day!
Denise L donated $51.75 on 1/30/2020
by Anonymous donated $10.35 on 12/31/2019
Lewis Potts donated $51.75 on 12/31/2019
Lewis looks forward to KEEN every session and checks my calendar every Sunday for it!
Julia P donated $51.75 on 12/31/2019
Ted Toczylowski donated $103.5 on 12/24/2019
KEEN is doing great things! Proud of Jane Mower and all of her team's efforts!
Tammy R Artis donated $36.23 on 12/24/2019
Ryan and Dillon Shoop donated $258.75 on 12/17/2019
Thank you for all that you do!
by Anonymous donated $155.25 on 12/17/2019
Tom and Eileen Jacobs donated $103.5 on 12/9/2019