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   Recent Activity donated $100 on 8/5/2020
Happy to support!
Pavlina donated $31.05 on 7/28/2020
ALMA CALIZ donated $25.88 on 7/26/2020
Great program KEEN!
Zoe’s mom donated $25.88 on 7/26/2020
Keen is amazing for us. Thank you! Thanks to the coaches, you make it so much fun! Hi-5s to all our athlete friends. We love to see you.
Dan S donated $25.88 on 7/26/2020
Monica & Eddie donated $31.05 on 7/23/2020
Thank you for the Fantastic job!!
Chandan Gopalani donated $51.75 on 7/22/2020
Tua Palangyo donated $51.75 on 7/22/2020
by Anonymous donated $25.88 on 7/21/2020
by Anonymous donated $103.5 on 6/29/2020
Andrea and Charlie Zigelman donated $1000 on 6/26/2020
by Anonymous donated $103.5 on 6/23/2020
by Anonymous donated $10.35 on 6/15/2020
Aunt Sandy donated $103.5 on 6/7/2020
First Annual Talent Show was very entertaining!
Eric Bausman donated $51.75 on 6/6/2020
Thanks so much for letting Drew be part of the KEEN's Got Talent event on June 5! He loved seeing himself and cheering for new friends.
Robin and RIch Edwards donated $258.75 on 5/15/2020
by Anonymous donated $51.75 on 4/26/2020
by Anonymous donated $2587.5 on 4/10/2020
Dave Venditti donated $51.75 on 4/4/2020
Thanks for continuing to support our kids during these trying times
Mainsail Partners donated $317.49 on 11/8/2019
William and Amy Salisbury donated $317.74 on 11/4/2019
Tonic donated $410 on 10/21/2019
David Venditti donated $51.75 on 9/12/2019
Jacqui Robison donated $1000 on 7/23/2019
Jason and Jennifer Kiss donated $210.06 on 7/2/2019