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Make a difference in the life of a young person with disabilities: Donate to KEEN New York.

Documents and information submitted to the State of New York under the New York Charitable Solicitations Law are available from the New York Attorney General's Office. A copy of its latest annual report  may be obtained, upon request,  from KEEN New York or from the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau at Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, 3rd  Floor, New York, New York 10271.
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Steve C donated $1000 on 12/14/2019
by Anonymous donated $103.5 on 12/7/2019
Rachel E Adams donated $517.5 on 12/6/2019
Maz Kothari donated $258.75 on 12/5/2019
Michael donated $238.05 on 11/12/2019
Thank you for making the world a greater place.
The Morton H. Meyerson Family Foundation donated $180 on 11/6/2019
in honor of Det. Robert Salerno
John donated $103.5 on 11/4/2019
Mr. & Mrs.. Howard Sherwin donated $103.5 on 10/15/2019
Thanks for giving our children a wonderful recreation program.
World donated $103.5 on 10/14/2019
Eric R donated $25.88 on 10/14/2019
by Anonymous donated $26.76 on 10/12/2019
Alice and Henry Brigham donated $25.88 on 10/12/2019
Judy G donated $25 on 10/12/2019
by Anonymous donated $25.88 on 10/11/2019
Dave Wiener donated $100 on 10/9/2019
In Honor of Henry & Luke!
Mary Katherine s donated $25.88 on 10/8/2019
JOHN SULLIVAN donated $103.5 on 10/4/2019
Lisa Levine donated $258.75 on 10/4/2019
Thank you to Errol Eisner for inviting us to KEENFest. What a wonderful evening!
Mason Salit donated $54 on 10/3/2019
Katie-thank you for all that you do for KEEN.
Mairéad & Matthew Garry donated $258.75 on 10/3/2019
Joe Dursi donated $51.75 on 10/3/2019
by Anonymous donated $25.88 on 10/2/2019
Joe Rizzo donated $51.75 on 10/2/2019
Jeremy Zoladz donated $51.75 on 10/2/2019
Justin B donated $25.88 on 10/2/2019