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Amount raised: $3,037

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Make a difference in the life of a young person with disabilities: Donate to KEEN Los Angeles.

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Tracy Stein donated $500 on 10/28/2018
I'll put my money anywhere my son volunteers his time.
Samuel Stein donated $100 on 10/28/2018
by Anonymous donated $5 on 10/15/2018
Amy Fulton donated $50 on 9/20/2018
Rebecca P donated $40 on 8/31/2018
In an honor of the KEEN parents who have been an inspiration to me. You are the strongest, kindest, most hardworking people I know.
by Anonymous donated $50 on 8/18/2018
by Anonymous donated $30 on 8/6/2018
Max L donated $25 on 7/1/2018
Stephanie Duchene & Michael Duvall donated $185 on 6/26/2018
Yael Mashbaum donated $25 on 6/17/2018
Ravi donated $100 on 6/13/2018
Martine S. donated $65 on 5/30/2018
Felix donated $1080 on 5/20/2018
Vesela C donated $100 on 5/7/2018
Maricris Lapaix - donated $20 on 4/12/2018
Thank you for providing an encouraging environment for children to come explore and play! Stay Fit, Maricris Lapaix Owner of Fitness Affair
by Anonymous donated $50 on 4/2/2018
by Anonymous donated $65 on 3/28/2018
PLAE donated $397 on 3/21/2018
Thank you KEEN LA for being a PLAE-it-forward Ambassador!